Feb 15

Better Than Botox? Facial Acupuncture is a Natural Alternative.

Facial Rejuvenation AcupunctureBotox is typically the go to cosmetic procedure to reduce wrinkles; however, there is a natural alternative that produces comparable results. Botox is a cosmetic procedure that injects botulinum toxin into the face which paralyses the muscles. While Botox does reduce wrinkles, there is a risk of paralysis of the surrounding muscles, inability to raise eyebrows and have other facial expressions, upper eyelid drooping, and the long term results are still unknown. The results of Botox cost about $600 every 3-4 months due to the results being temporary and needing more injections when the results wear off.


Facial Acupuncture is a natural alternative to Botox. Facial Acupuncture is completely free of chemicals and injections; hair-thin single use needles are strategically placed throughout the face to restore a healthy glow to the complexion. Facial Acupuncture treats the whole face and body to improve a patient’s health and facial appearance. Facial acupuncture promotes the circulation of blood and qi in the face. This increased circulation moistens the skin and promotes collagen production which will increase the muscle tone and elasticity. These treatments will provide a more even skin tone, reduce fine lines, soften deeper wrinkles, reduce dark circles, improve muscle tone and firm the jaw line, and reduce rosacea and acne. Along with facial improvement, facial acupuncture also addresses insomnia, hot flashes, mild depression, mild anxiety, and digestive problems. Facial Acupuncture is basically risk free and there are none of the side effects of face lift surgery, lasers, and Botox injections. Facial Acupuncture is the only cosmetic procedure that works to balance the body from the inside out.

To learn more about Facial Acupuncture or make an appointment: Call: 708-366-8002 or visit this page.

-Christina Radosta L.Ac.


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