Chinese Medicine

With a history of over 2000 years, traditional Chinese Medicine has formed a unique system to diagnose and cure illness. Chinese medicine is the use of natural herbs for their therapeutic and/or medicinal properties and benefits. Herb plants contain a variety of healing substances that are very effective at reliving many ailments without the side effects of synthetic drugs.  Trained herbalists use different partsacupuncture of a plant, such as the leaves, flowers, stems, berries, and roots to prevent, relieve and effectively treat a wide verity of illnesses. Chinese herbal medicine has a long and respected history dating back many thousands of years. In fact, many of today’s traditional medications have origins in ancient, natural healing traditions that use plants, tree bark, roots, and other natural substances.         
Today, science has isolated medicinal properties of a large number of botanicals, only to harvest their healing properties and synthesize    them in large laboratories for use in pharmaceutical applications. For example, Vincristine an (anti-tumor drug) – Digitalis (a heart regulator) – and Ephedrine (a bronchodilator used to decrease respiratory congestion) were all originally discovered through the research of plants.

Chinese medicine is the oldest form of healthcare known to mankind.


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