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Jun 29

Improve your Budget with Healthcare Lending


We understand what its like to live within a budget! We also understand how important it is to get and maintain the healthcare you need and how at times your healthcare is sacrificed because your budget just wont budge. It is for this reason we have partnered with United Medical Credit. Now you can get the healthcare you …

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Apr 18

Spring is in the Air….Literally


Spring is in the air… Literally Achoo… Achoo… That’s right it is the beginning of spring which is also the beginning of allergy season for many of us. Allergies typically occur when the immune system believes it is being attacked by harmful substances. After the body mistakes the substances as a threat, an inflammatory reaction …

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Apr 04

How Healthy is Your Liver?

No alcohol

Liver health is very important in Chinese medicine and now that spring has arrived, it is time to focus on getting your liver healthy.

Mar 21

Is your gut flourishing?


  Do you suffer from immunity problems, digestive issues, mental fatigue, lack of clarity, and balance issues? If you do, then you should be focusing on rebuilding your gut health. Your gut has a huge impact on your overall mental and physical health. By keeping your gut healthy you will see chronic issues like fatigue, …

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Mar 07

Are You Taking Care of Your Heart?

heart image 2

Are you taking care of your heart? Heart disease affects more than 1 in 3 adults in the U.S. Most people only take action to help their heart once there is a problem, but there are many simple ways to take care of your heart now. A great way to help out your heart is …

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Feb 15

Better Than Botox? Facial Acupuncture is a Natural Alternative.


Botox is typically the go to cosmetic procedure to reduce wrinkles; however, there is a natural alternative that produces comparable results. Botox is a cosmetic procedure that injects botulinum toxin into the face which paralyses the muscles. While Botox does reduce wrinkles, there is a risk of paralysis of the surrounding muscles, inability to raise …

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Feb 01

Lose Weight and Keep it Off with Acupuncture!

Everywhere you look, there is someone or something promoting the new fad diet to help you lose weight.  Unfortunately, most of these fad and crash diets do more harm to the body than good.  A more effective and safer way to lose weight is through acupuncture and lifestyle changes.  Acupuncture helps with weight loss because …

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Jul 25

Natural Medicine Changing the way we can approach our health

I had to post this testimonial because it reflects in what is taking control of your health versus leaving it out in the hands of people. Art of Natural Healing Testimonial After several years of dealing with fatigue, insomnia, memory loss, muscle cramps, hypo-glycemia, dry skin, hair loss, blurry vision, weight gain and more, I …

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