What is Acupuncture?


What is Acupuncture?

Chinese acupuncture recognizes 12 organs; the lungs, large intestine, stomach, spleen, gall bladder, liver, heart, small intestine, urinary bladder, kidney, pericardium, and the overall digestive tract. They produce blood and energy, which are the building blocks of proper body function. Blood flows in the blood vessels throughout the body. Energy flows on specific pathways or meridians throughout the body and these meridians are made up by acupuncture points .

Physical, chemical, or emotional stressors can cause the organs to malfunction, blood to stagnate, and energy to stagnate. The function and healing process of vital body parts are affected at this point and although extreme health problems have been observed, it is more often not noticed at all. If the condition is allowed to go untreated, the body will attempt to support the affected area, but as the problem increases, the area starts to degenerate.

The longer the condition is allowed to go untreated, the less chance there is for recovery. What began as a minor problem or discomfort may lead to irreversible damage.

The purpose of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine is to return flow of energy and blood back to normal and to reinstate optimal organ function. This will, in turn, encourage restored function to the affected area and the body will begin to heal itself. If detected early, organ malfunction and blood and/or energy stagnation may respond well to Chinese Medicine with an excellent chance for a complete and painless recovery.

Acupuncture uses the insertion of very thin needles in specific acupuncture points that exist in the meridians of the body. This stimulation will trigger physiological changes in the body’s processes that will encourage blood flow and organ restoration.

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  1. Alex

    How much does your standard acupuncture cost without insurance?

    1. admin

      Hello Alex,
      Our acupuncture treatments vary depending on what type of treatment you are in need of. We also include, at no extra cost to you, AcuGraph meridian therapy with our acupuncture.
      in addition, we offer the only known money back guarantee in acupuncture and have a special running now for (1 initial AcuGraph evaluation and 1 standard treatment for only $49).
      We would love an opportunity to assist you with your healthcare. Please call us at 708.366.8002 to book an appointment and take advantage of the current $49 special.

      AoNH Admin. Team

    2. admin

      Hi Alex,

      We have different acupuncture plans for different patient needs. We are currently running a Groupon special for $49 that we can offer you directly. You will get 1 AcuGraph evaluation and 1 standard treatment for the $49. Plus, keep in mind we offer the only money back guarantee in acupuncture. So if you don’t see results from the initial treatment plan, you get your money back.

      If you would like to take advantage of the $49 special, please call the clinic at 708.366.8002 to make an appointment.

      At Art of Natural Healing, your health is our passion.

      Kindest regards,
      AoNH Admin. Staff

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