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WE’VE MOVED and we’re excited to share our new space with you… join us at 7627 Lake St. Suite 201.           (Corner of Lake & Ashland) 

For Appointments/Questions call 708.366.8002


Acupuncture NOT covered by your provider? Don’t worry! With our 6/60 plan all you pay is a co-payment, we will take care of the rest. Call our friendly staff today for details and restrictions on the 6/60 insurance assist plan. 

Just click this link Verify Your Insurance to fill out the pre-visit verification form. Once verified, our friendly staff will contact you.

Questions? Call us at 708.366.8002

Since its inception in 2001, Art of Natural Healing (AoNH) has been dedicated to improving the health and lives of thousands of Chicago area residents naturally.

Through the proven benefits of natural Chinese medicine, acupuncture and meridian therapy, many of our patients suffering from ailments, such as digestive disorders, anxiety, stress, weight loss, depression, allergies, sinus problems, sleep disorders, hypertension (blood pressure) and even infertility, have all been successfully treated.

At AoNH we are not just interested in numbing your pain, but permanently healing your condition by aiding the body in doing what it is capable of and meant to do – Heal Itself!

At AoNH your health is our passion.

Call now and experience the difference of natural healing!

(708) 366.8002


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  1. Kathy Marchwiany

    Do you offer services for arthritis?
    Thank you

    1. admin

      Hello Kathy,

      Yes we do! for over fifteen years, we have successfully treated thousands of folks in and around Chicagoland, including arthritis sufferers.
      We would love an opportunity to help you feel better and even offer a money back guarantee on your initial treatments. Please call us at 708.366.8002 to make an appointment
      for a $49 special that includes: 1 AcuGraph Evaluation and 1 arthritis treatment.

      Hope to hear from you soon.

      AoNH Admin. Staff

  2. Jim

    Do you have a treatment for male low libido?

    1. admin

      Hello Jim,
      Yes we do. With the right acupuncture and herbal supplements, low libido can be treated naturally. We can offer you a free AcuGraph evaluation to better understand what approach will be the best in your case. Please feel free to call us at 708.366.8002 to make an appointment if you would like. we are sure we can help you.

  3. stephanie alvarez

    Hi do you offer services for nerve regeneration?

    1. admin

      Hello Stephanie, Acupuncture can help enormously with nerve regen. and pain management. I would recommend you call and make an appointment ASAP to get an AcuGraph evaluation. This is a bio feedback evaluation that allows a non-intrusive peek inside the body’s energy system. Using acupuncture and natural Chinese herbs to improve the energy flow (like when we are young) allows the body to heal naturally and more quickly.

      Kindest regards and blessings to you.

  4. Leviah Holt

    Hi. I have a back and sciatica issue and I was recently diagnose with MS. Having a hard time with pain management. Does acupuncture help?

    1. admin

      Hello Leviah. We can absolutely help you with pain management and reduction naturally. Acupuncture’s best application is pain management. Please call us now to take advantage of our current specials. We would love to be your healthcare partner! Stay positive and strong…blessings abound.
      -AoNH management

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